Reputation Management Software

Reputation is everything.

One bad review. One frustrated customer.

Regardless of what happened, a negative review of your company or business can make things crash down.

No one is safe…Restaurants, car washes, doctors, car dealerships, attorneys, etc…

Any indication of an issue with location, wait times, staff changes, extra costs — you name it — can have your clients running before they even get to your door.

That’s where we come in.

We help you manage your online reputation by making it quick, easy and SIMPLE for your current clients to leave positive reviews.

After they come in for a service, your patron receives a text message prompting them to provide feedback.

With just ONE click, they can give their experience a rating and provide a comment/feedback which posts straight to your Facebook Business Page AND Google listing! In fact, we set this up where the review can go to any review site you would like it pushed out to.

“That’s great…but what if it’s negative??”

Not to worry — negative reviews DON’T post and you are notified immediately so you can address it right away!

If you’re not managing your online reputation, you’re NOT getting new customers.

Let Your Reviews Be Your Sales!

Consumers rate almost everything online today. Keeping your reputation in check with a simple to use reputation management software system has never been easier if you are a business owner. Consumers love online reviews and they use them daily to gain insight on everything from Amazon products to accountants, doctors, restaurants and car dealerships.

One of the cornerstones of your SEO strategy should be content. User generated content from customer reviews can honestly be your best sales tool. As a bonus, Google considers customer reviews as user generated content. Having this customer feedback become your content is a nice way to have content on autopilot.

Customer Feedback Becomes Your Content

Industry statistics:

  • Approx. 75% customers choose businesses with 4+ stars.
  • 1 star improvement can increase revenue by 10%.
  • 90% of customers look at online reviews before choosing a business.
  • 93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or bad.
  • The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business.
  • If you already have great reviews, keep them coming in. 77% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant.


  • Our automated software system is designed to work with your customer’s online reviews of your services. 
  • It helps spread positive customer experiences through social media platforms. 
  • Negative response is not published. 
  • Email and text message alerts are sent directly to you so you can promptly address an issue in real-time.
  • Automatically Push Your Best Reviews To Social Media.
  • Our easy automated system allows you to take advantage of your loyal customers for follow up reviews.

It will give you the ability to leverage your most loyal and frequent visitors to generate real-time, consistent feedback while helping generate online ratings and reviews on Facebook and Google without having to ask them to post a review for you.

  • This service is quick and easy to set up, and very user-friendly. 
  • We do the set up.
  • We can have your reputation management campaign up and running in 72 hours.
Reputation Management Spokane WA

Spokane Washington Reputation Management Software

Consumers rate almost everything online today. Everyone is plugged in 24/7 and businesses — business owners — can use that to their advantage to increase their positive reviews, drown out the negative reviews and BOOST their reputation.

And you know what that means? NEW clients, MORE revenue.

spokane washington reputation management software

It all comes down to one thing: Reputation.
In an overly connected world, a few negative reviews can bring your business down — and fast.
So, how do you encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews that will turn your 2.5 star biz into a 4 star cash generator?
Make it easy!
With a quick automated text, they can leave their rating or review. Positive reviews go straight to your Facebook/Google profile and negative reviews go straight to your inbox to address.

Customer Reviews Are Your New Sales
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Reputation Management Software Spokane WA